The Reason for Starting Marder Media Solutions

I'm Jeff Marder and I'm the founder of Marder Media Solutions. I've been working in live theatre for most of my professional life, having working on numerous Broadway productions and with Cirque du Soleil as a keyboardist, conductor, and electronic music designer.

In my electronic music design work with MainStage, Forte, and Ableton, I've discovered that there are many products that are difficult to source when designing a system and it's often necessary to visit multiple vendors to find just the right solution. For example, KVM Switches, video monitor mounts, computer mounts, power distributors, networking equipment, and more. Every situation is unique and necessitates specific solutions. You can read more about my electronic music design work at MARDERMUSIC, INC.

My goal in creating Marder Media Solutions is to create a marketplace where all of these products can be found. Additionally, by integrating Facebook Messenger, it is my goal to be able to deliver a unique customer service experience to the client by making myself available for one-on-one consultations. Through Messenger, I can send product listings for consideration in addition to answering questions and offering advice. If there are products needed which aren't listed on the website, I will do my best to source them at the very best prices possible.

I love discussing gear and finding solutions, so please feel free to reach out anytime via phone, email, or Facebook Messenger and it will be my pleasure to help.

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